A Comprehensive Overview of Workplace Security

Learn about what comprises workplace security, why is workplace security important and how you should go about creating a safe and secure workplace. Security is one of the most vital aspects that a person looks in a workplace before joining the company. It is the duty of the firm to provide a secure working environment to its employees. Therefore, proper security systems like CCTV and other security equipment should be in place so as to monitor the incomings and outgoings. Using biometric scans or other such devices ensure that only employees can enter or leave the office building. It is [...]

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CCTV is not just about security anymore – it’s a performance management and productivity tool, too

Video cameras are a standard feature in any modern business security strategy, but many organisations fail to leverage the true value of their CCTV and remote monitoring solutions. Security cameras and remote monitoring solutions have a use that extends beyond security and theft prevention: they can in fact also be used as tools for performance management and monitoring, particularly in remote sites, helping organisations to become more productive and more efficient, and getting real value out of a solution that is often seen as a grudge purchase, says Mark Chertkow, MD at Graphic Image Technologies. Larger organisations today are often [...]

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Security Measures in the Work Place – What Should I Implement?

This is one of the questions we often get asked by the person responsible for workplace fire, alarm and security systems, especially when their company is moving to a new build property or expanding into larger premises. The specific security requirements are subject to a suitable risk assessment being carried out, which will determine the type, and level of security and protection that may be required. The workplace security system should protect the core assets of any business; its people, processes and property. Most security measures in a business will provide a mix of electronic and physical security components. For [...]

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