Breathalyser Case Study

The Problem The Royal Swaziland Sugar Corporation (RSSC) experienced regular staff intoxication during working hours. Two of their sugar mills had serious problems with workers arriving at work intoxicated. The sugar manufacturing industry can be very dangerous when you take into account: heavy vehicle movement on-site, forklifts, sugar dumping, conveyor belts, crushers, presses, high voltage powered machinery, high pressure hoses and pipes. It is the kind of environment where workers always need to be focused to ensure safety and prevent bodily harm. This is the last place where you want to find your workers intoxicated, not just for their [...]

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How to Select the Correct CCTV Camera?

There are literally thousands of camera models from hundreds of approved manufacturers available in the market, and this makes the selection of the most appropriate CCTV camera to use a very confusing issue. In this article, I will try to explain very simply the different parameters you need to look into when selecting a CCTV camera for your project, as well as the required knowledge to determine if what you are being offered really matches what you expect or not. Key parameters for selecting the proper type of CCTV camera: Outdoor/Indoor: One of the parameters that can be easily [...]

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What are Addressable Fire Alarm Systems?

An addressable fire alarm system is made up of a series of fire detectors and devices that are connected back to a central control panel. With addressable systems, each device has an address or location, enabling the exact detector that was triggered to be quickly identified. This makes addressable alarm systems ideal for large buildings, particularly commercial premises spread over a wide area. Advantages of addressable fire alarms: - Quickly determine the location of a fire. - Specific actions can be programmed by the user. - Reduced likelihood and better handling of false alarms. - More reliability, less likely [...]

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