//CCTV Surveillance Case Study

CCTV Surveillance Case Study

The Problem

We were contacted by a body corporate with specific security needs. The corporation is located next to an open field which spans 3 of the perimeter borders. Although the perimeter is enclosed with electric fencing these 3 sides are still unprotected since the electrical fence is not a deterrent for thieves. The corporation does not have any perimeter lights which made the approach through the dark field an easy in for any thief.

We identified the main obstacles as:
• No perimeter illumination
• No electricity for cameras at the perimeter
• Installing electricity along the perimeter for cameras would be very expensive
• No networking for cameras at the perimeter
• Networking along the perimeter for cameras would be expensive

Our Solution

We decided to install stand-alone poles with IR cameras, solar panels and wireless networking. The 100% infrared (IR) cameras were installed to ensure visibility around the dark perimeter. The solar panels were installed to provide the cameras with power since there is no electricity. We decided to use wireless networking to reduce the costs of video transmissions.

The poles were specifically designed. The main pole which is 4m in length was planted and concreted 2m inside the perimeter. Attached to the main pole is a hinged pole which is 3m in length. The shape of the structure can be described as a gooseneck. The 3 cameras are attached to the hinged pole, with two facing away from each other looking at the perimeter fence and one facing down the pole to view the blind spot. The structure was designed to ensure the cameras are located 5m of the ground and above the fence resulting in the best vantage point.

These specially designed poles can be unsecured and lowered for easy access during maintenance. This results in no hassle maintenance of equipment since the structure can be lowered inside the perimeter reducing security risks and no need for extra equipment like ladders.

The poles are independent in terms of power and networking. The solar panel and wireless transmitter are placed on the main pole. The solar panel charges a battery while the wireless networking transmitter transfers the video to a central network system. The video is displayed in the main guard room for surveillance purposes.

The Conclusion

We installed 8 poles across the corporations’ perimeter for optimal surveillance performance. This CCTV surveillance installation has enabled the body corporate to survey the perimeter effectively and therefore identify possible risks to security before a breach of perimeter takes place.

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